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Hola! Welcome to my Spanish Tutor website.

Info About Me: Mini biography, teaching style, and learning philosophy.

Contact/Rates/Location: How to get a hold of me, my rates per lesson and per group, where I'm available to teach. Also learn about my referral program!!!

Interactive Blog: Topics about Spanish are presented by me. Anyone can chime in and contribute to the blog.

Lessons For Sale: Lessons for teachers and students that would like to supplement their teaching and learning.  E-mail me with lessons of interest and I'll e-mail you the lesson. I can also create lessons about topics of interest.  For example, if you'd like a lesson with stem changing verbs I would create a lesson for you that would mainly focus on stem changing verbs. Smaller lessons will cost less than bigger lessons/units.  I accept payments via PayPal. There are also some freebies. 

Conversaciones en EspaƱol: Go here to practice your reading and writing in Spanish.  You can even start your own conversation.  Please keep the subject matter and content light.  No online squabbles about deep subjects...por favor. You need to be a member of this site, which is a free service. See below to subscribe.

To get to know you a bit, please fill out the questionnaire below and bring to our first lesson. A portion of your lessons will be tailored based on your answers from the questionnaire.  

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